Preparation Time: 10minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes in addition to 1-hour marinating time

Servings: 4



low-fat sour cream – 1/3 cup

one bell pepper

16 oz. of beef chuck ribs, boneless

soy sauce – 2 tbsp.

6-inch skewers – 8

Pepper – 1/4 tsp.

medium onion – 1/2



1. Slice the ribs into about 1-inch wide In a lidded tub, combine the soy sauce, ribs, and sour cream, making sure the meat is fully covered.

2. Refrigerate for half an hour, at least, if not overnight.

3. Immerse the wooden skewers for approximately 10 minutes in water.

4. Place the temperature of the air fryer to 400°F.

5. Slice the onion and bell pepper in 1-inch.

6. Set aside the meat from the marinade, drain it well.

7. Layer the onions, beef and bell peppers on the skewers and dust with pepper.

8. Heat for 10 minutes, ensuring you spin the skewers 5 minutes into cooking time.

9. Serve while hot and enjoy.



Calories: 261

Fat: 11g

Saturated Fat: 4g

Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 31.5g

Fiber: 1g

Sodium: 297mg

Protein: 28g